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Legislation: The Game

The premier legislative simulator that started it all.

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The Events Expansion is meant to add further customization, randomness and entropy to the game. This expansion simulates outside events that will change player’s choices beyond the basic rules.

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The Corporate Expansion is meant to add human elements to outside factors. This introduces lobbyists as an extra class of players to influence lawmaker’s behavior. This involves more people, so make sure to bring a lot of friends.

Currently not available to play online due to player size limitations.

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Other Materials

Bring the game to the classroom for a great interactive lesson for civics or history class.

Used up your charter? Need multiple copies for different rulesets? Print out another copy here.

Print out another page to make another event.

Other Games

The riveting prequel. Rank your cats and complete goals in order to win.

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Instructions for

  1. Download the ZIP file by clicking the “” button.
  2. Open the file importer on
  3. Extract the PCIO file from the and upload it there.
  4. Wait for the images to load.
  5. Copy the link from the browser or the link sharer on the left-hand side to get the room link and invite other players.
  6. For Legislation: The Game, be sure to update the red deck with an appropriate number of copies prior to dealing.