So, it’s been a couple months since launch. The top thing of note is that the first print version came in the mail and has made testing the mechanical aspects of the game easier.

Here’s a short list of things going on behind the scenes that are done and/or coming eventually:

  • Testing authentication libraries
  • Securing copyright + trademark protection
  • Collecting testimonials and feedback
  • Checking out print companies to make more copies
  • Actually enjoying spring and summer
  • Securing FontAwesome license
  • Checking out publishers and research collaborators
  • Mobile-friendly tweaks
  • Drafting new rules and variants
  • Steam sales (buying, not selling)
  • A whole lot of math and statistics

Math and statistics, you might ask? Turns out when you switch from an infinite deck to a finite deck, each draw ceases to be an independent event and that changes the odds ever so slightly in terms of agreements/disagreements between players. This isn’t exactly like card counting in, say, casino games like blackjack or poker. Also, my main collaborator on statistical models needed to re-learn how to count cards and adjust for the fact that, unlike casino games, cards are not inherently unique and that messes with a lot of things. More details on that once I finish reading through his modeling and understand it.

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