A gift for the one who has everything

Because how can you possibly have something that became available today? By popular demand, Legislation: The Game has been approved for printing. Now you too can take a copy home on my store front. A couple notes:

  • I don’t directly control the pricing on this printing site. I’ve set the price as low as I can. This is subject to change effective January 1st, 2022.
  • This purchase only covers cards. This is another cost-control measure. The rulebook is available on the main page. For tracking points, you will need to devise your own counting method.
  • Typical turnaround is 2 weeks. With the holidays approaching, you may want to order early to allow extra time for shipping.
  • The travel version is smaller and cheaper. It is also very difficult to shuffle and protect, as I learned the hard way when I ordered one as a prototype.
  • Please use the contact form if you want to modify the deck (different #s of issues or duplicates) in any way. I will consider collaborations for new icons at a later date.
  • The online version will remain free for the time being, for anyone who wishes to try it out.

Any feedback or questions should go to the contact screen.

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